Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nearing the Show

No recent updates becuase I've been offline for over a week.
I'm working on what is likely my last painting for this show- it's going well, I'll share more about it later.
But what's on my mind lately is how the show will go. I suppose I'm showing work that's more shocking than my usual work, and it's more provocative. It's emotional, and a bit gory, only with one breast, a bit of blood, and the usual baby-birthing parts. ('Yes, dear viewers, babies are born, they come out of women, and that involves a bit of mess and anatomy') I have a client base that likes what I've produced in the past, but as an artist it is essential you don't paint to please your audience; unless you are by choice, a commercial artist. As a fine artist you need to paint your heart, your passions, your ideas, your arguements. Artists should be cultural critics.
I don't know how people will react. Sometimes my stomach flips a bit when I think about it. I admit it, I might be nervous. Will people like the paintings, will they be touched by the emotion? Will anyone be offended, grossed out? Will people be embarrassed that I painted such a thing? Perhaps it's not as shocking as I think- it's just paint, and who cares about art anyway? See, maybe people won't react, maybe nobody will care, nobody will say anything, the show will be inconsequential.

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Old Gates Farm said...

i'm sure people will react :) and i'm confident that their reactions will be wonderful! it's so real! but yet not as shocking as a photo would i think it makes it friendly for those who aren't exposed to birth like this... i think it will be great!