Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm working on a painting of myself right now, in which I've just caught Evangeline up to my chest seconds after she was born, and I'm saying 'oh my baby, oh, my baby'. Today when I was in the studio I stepped back after I'd been working for a bit and thought to myself, 'I just painted a blue umbilical cord, a bloody leg and a vernix-covered baby' What kind of painter am I ?!? Actually, I love it, I feel so thrilled with my subjects, and I'm eager to see the project so far hung at the upcoming show.
Things have been going really well, this rythym I'm in feels great. I have a sitter come most days of the week, leaving me 2-3 hours to paint, and the rest of the day I feel free to enjoy the kids, to do housework and to not think about painting. My progress has been really satisfying, I'm not rushing the paintings, and I like the finished result, as I mentioned earlier. They're smoother, more refined I think. Funny how such a bestial act is being painted in a calmer stroke and with a smaller brush.
I'll post photos soon~