Monday, March 03, 2008

Birthing beliefs-

Because the first exhibition of these paintings is nearing, I expect more people will be checking this blog to find out more about the project as it is advertised in the press. So I thought it would be prudent to make a list or paragraph about what I believe about birth, so when people come here to find out more about the project, they can also read about my feelings around birth as well, and the reasons I would want to paint birth. This might be an ongoing list, as I'm sure I'll edit it as I think of things. I'll start very briefly as I'm pressed for time.
Birth is a feminist issue, as I said before. Birth is normal, natural and safe. The majority of women are capable of a natural, normal, safe, and healthy birth without intervention. The rest of women who need assistance should use medical services to aid them in acheiving a healthy baby, and sometimes medical intervention is necessary. When used apporpriately this is a good thing. I am not against doctors. I am not against hospitals. I do not want anyone to feel inadequate about their ability or guilty for their choices. But I believe birth can be profound, powerful, wonderful, awesome and holy. I believe it can be traumatic, painful, difficult and scary. I believe that our society shapes what we believe about birth, and our current state societal situation and 'birth model' could greatly be improved to benefit women and babies. I believe our society is affected by birth, and birth is affected by society.
I want to promote normal birth in a positive light. I want to see more midwives being used, becuase in a low risk pregnancy midwives are low interevention, often producing the most satisfying and healthiest outcome. I believe midwives are good for women, babies, families and even doctors. I also believe that right now a lot of women are being misled, misinformed and possibly even mistreated, and that had they known differently might not have made the choices they did.