Thursday, December 27, 2007


I'm happy to share that the painting below, 'All around me voices are singing' has sold at my 'Daughters of Eve' show. I'm thrilled, as it is the first of the Birth Project series, so this is good news!
Sorry for the lack of updates and progress lately. I was engulfed in preparing for my 'Daughters of Eve' Show in December, as well as Christmas commissions. In the New Year I will begin working on this project again, while preparing for 'It's a Human Thing' and continuing commissioned work. Hopefully will be updating more regularly!

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Birth Project- first photo

The finished peice! 'All Around Me Voices Were Singing'
I've included this peice in the 'Daughters of Eve' show as the first peice to 'It's a Human Thing'.
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I apologize for the quality of this photo, it's not even accurate. I did not have my photographer available, so I had to take it myself. The painting is not finished, I have to complete the background, but this it the first work-in-progress!

The Birth Project

This blog can now be used by those who wish to follow the development of my new and ongoing series I affectionately call 'The Birth Project'. I will update it as the series progresses. This site is a branch off my 'real' site,, so for more information about me please visit there. This blog will be used specifically for this project.
I am working towards 2 shows. One is in December in Gravenhurst, the second, which I share with my girlfriends Annie Veitch and Jenny Posti, is titled 'It's a Human Thing', and will be life-size figure paintings. I plan to show the completed paintings under The Birth Project at this show. However, as this is a unique series, we'll see where it will go.
I wanted to paint birth, and specifically labour, as I'm becoming a bit of a birth junkie. I love to give birth. (only done it twice!) I think about it every day. Those 2 days were the most powerful of my life. I feel limited by my own photos, however, so I've invited women to share theirs with me, and handing me the right to paint/interpret them.
What an awesome opportunity. I hope to make it alive (and bloody).

ps- If you would like to submit your photos for consideration, please email me at