Friday, September 14, 2007

The Birth Project

This blog can now be used by those who wish to follow the development of my new and ongoing series I affectionately call 'The Birth Project'. I will update it as the series progresses. This site is a branch off my 'real' site,, so for more information about me please visit there. This blog will be used specifically for this project.
I am working towards 2 shows. One is in December in Gravenhurst, the second, which I share with my girlfriends Annie Veitch and Jenny Posti, is titled 'It's a Human Thing', and will be life-size figure paintings. I plan to show the completed paintings under The Birth Project at this show. However, as this is a unique series, we'll see where it will go.
I wanted to paint birth, and specifically labour, as I'm becoming a bit of a birth junkie. I love to give birth. (only done it twice!) I think about it every day. Those 2 days were the most powerful of my life. I feel limited by my own photos, however, so I've invited women to share theirs with me, and handing me the right to paint/interpret them.
What an awesome opportunity. I hope to make it alive (and bloody).

ps- If you would like to submit your photos for consideration, please email me at

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