Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm working on a painting of myself right now, in which I've just caught Evangeline up to my chest seconds after she was born, and I'm saying 'oh my baby, oh, my baby'. Today when I was in the studio I stepped back after I'd been working for a bit and thought to myself, 'I just painted a blue umbilical cord, a bloody leg and a vernix-covered baby' What kind of painter am I ?!? Actually, I love it, I feel so thrilled with my subjects, and I'm eager to see the project so far hung at the upcoming show.
Things have been going really well, this rythym I'm in feels great. I have a sitter come most days of the week, leaving me 2-3 hours to paint, and the rest of the day I feel free to enjoy the kids, to do housework and to not think about painting. My progress has been really satisfying, I'm not rushing the paintings, and I like the finished result, as I mentioned earlier. They're smoother, more refined I think. Funny how such a bestial act is being painted in a calmer stroke and with a smaller brush.
I'll post photos soon~


Anonymous said...

The colour 'umbilical cord blue' is one of the best colours in life's crayon box. It's gone so quickly and is so vibrant and beautiful. I wish I got to see mine and can't stop looking at in images. Can't wait to see the painting.

Old Gates Farm said...

xi's post makes me giggle-wouldn't that be a great crayon color-- heehee... we could probably make a whole birth crayon box. "umbilical cord blue", "placenta purple", "vernix white"...heehee

not at all the comment i intended to leave. i just think it's great the way you write about your painting. i'm so excited to see it. the image right before the "it's a girl??!!" one! ;)
i'm glad you are getting time to paint too--i'm sure having the designated painting time that is guaranteed kid-free is so necessary .

Anonymous said...

Amanda! I'm so glad you are painting that image. I know exactly which picture you are talking about too because the day I went through your camera to see the birth pictures, that one instantly made my eyes water, and I haven't forgotten it. It was such an emotionally filled image - perfectly capturing the moment I assume. I can't wait to see the painting - and don't be surprised if I get watery eyed again :) I got watery just reading your post. haha.

A said...

Thanks guys! Now that I've posted the painting I'm referring to, you'll see I actually have to change the 'umbilical cord blue', as the paint dried it darkened and it's much more a bright whitish-curelean blue with a hint of purple.
Your ideas are funny...what else could we come up with? colostrum yellow? newborn gray?

A said...

I forgot one- meconium black!

Sarah- thanks- I think it's really special that you can get emotional even though you don't have any kids yet- in a way I'm sorry that I want to be somewhat private when I birth, wouldn't it be great if we could all witness birth before we do it? I think it's something to be able to be present for that type of moment/event- I can't wait for Genieve's!