Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Pieces

I'd like to thank everyone for their patience- I know the blog has been terribly boring without any updates. I was actually struggling to paint and dealing with insecurity- often that preceeds a 'breakthrough'. My new paintings are smoother- I'm taking my time doing thema and pacing myself, as I've hired help to watch the kids when I work. Figuring out priorities and a schedule has been frusterating, but now things seem to have settled and I'm pleased to share my new work.
I thought it would be interesting to share the peices in two stages- nearly finished and half done. You can see the progression and development, and in the future when I post unfinished shots you can then perhaps imagine where I might take it.

"New Soul' 2.5 x 2 approx

'Unconfirmed title: Roots...' 3' x 4' approx

'Early Morning' 6' x 4' approx

Yet untitled 3.5' x 2.5' approx



Old Gates Farm said...

oh's so neat to see the progression! they are gorgeous paintings!

xo krismarie

Unknown said...

every single freaking time you put new painting pictures up, i'm thinking "gosh, i should do something great with my life, maybe i should learn how to paint..." I'm so impressed and inspired.

WOW. That's all. WOW.

Blogging on the Yellowstone said...

I love them!!! You are one talented mama! But you knew that right??? You know I am going to have to buy this is me and Noah right? It sure looks like us.

Anonymous said...

They look great Amanda! Too bad all the after pictures aren't mine so they look amazing :P

I'll take more this weekend.

Anonymous said...

well, you've done it again! these new works of art are totally amazing and so new and very "drawing a person right in" as you look at them and feel it all again. congratulations! love you, mom

dafeist said...

You are amazing Amanda!!
I just am just wowed by these. Breathtaking.