Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Brooklyn Show at Carraiage House Birth

Welcome to the Birth Project, on display at Carriage House Birth, Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

We had an grand opening for Carriage House Birth on Friday, Feb 8, the night of the 'big snowstorm' in New York.

Even in a small space the pieces fit nicely, as if they were meant to be there.
Despite the snowstorm we had a lovely crowd gather that filled the space on Friday night for the opening celebration.

Enjoying the company!
Two babies crashed hard later on in the night.

An amazing spread of food which was devoured! 

Jethro enjoying some fruit, I love this with the painting in the background.

Me and Jethro, Domino and Cassius, my sister Genieve (my assistant) and sister-in-law Sarah and Scarlett (my graphic designer). Thankful for Domino's warm hospitality and the help from these girls.

Packing up- showing how neatly the paintings fit, even though they're quite large and the space was very small. You can't always estimate what might work in a small space!

The show continues at:
97 N 7th St, Williamsburg Brooklyn

and the paintings will be on display until April. Stop by to say 'hi' to the doulas and have a look at the paintings in real life! 

A great night! 

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