Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here are the boys reading under the watch of these two strong women. I brought this painting home to live with for awhile. It has so much to tell me; I know it well but not at all. I put a lot into this painting, and I was really drawn to both of the 'looks' that these two women give in real life. I wanted to paint these two figures because they're both very strong, sexy but vulnerable, grounded and sensuous, honest and proud.

The unique thing about original art is that it's so alive.  It will talk if you'll look at it often and give it room in your mind and life. A painting changes- with the light, your movement, the company and energy in the room, your mood, your circumstances.  It's an object, not a 'picture'. It has the energy of it's creator in it, and often for the artist, creating is a very spiritual event. It's sometimes a struggle, sometimes effortless, as if the painting paints itself.  We're just mediums, I believe. I do what I do because I'm called to do it.  And I receive my affirmation when I feel my work has taken on a life of it's own. I'm so blessed when I get to watch how a painting becomes somebody else's; when a painting emits this mysterious siren song, and the viewer reacts, feels drawn, becomes smitten and falls hard. Sometimes it's surprising, often it's perfect. They each have their story, they each have a mate. It's a love story!

Yes, this post seems a little silly.  But haven't you heard it, felt it? Haven't you heard an a piece of art calling?  Or noticed the magnetic pull of some pieces, even if they're not for sale? (If not, maybe you should get around some good art!)