Wednesday, March 07, 2012

See my work in person at the Trust Birth Conference!

Thanks to publications like Squat and the Canadian Journal of Midwifery Research and Practice, my work has gotten a lot of attention this last year. Of course, this has helped with the web press too! I'm so thankful for this kind of reproduction, but there's still nothing like seeing the real live painting up close, or from across the room. My work is large- life size!- so it really tends to overwhelm or at least impact the viewer with the emotions and ideas I'm trying to convey, and I just don't know if this translates the same way in print or reproduction. I'd encourage anyone interested in my work to try to see it in person (or any original artwork for that matter!). And the great news is, for those in the United States, I'm personally accompanying my work to a few birth conferences!

Coming up only a few short weeks away in April, is the Trust Birth Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. I can't wait for this Conference, it promises to be amazing! It's the last time it will be held in the US for several years. Also, it's super affordable for non-birth workers, with the 'Parent Track' option of picking select sessions for $100. Come to Nashville! Come to this fantastic conference, say hello and take in some art at the same time!

Of course, I shouldn't have to add that I've been working like crazy on new paintings, to be debuted at the Trust Birth Conference. Those attending will have first dibs on unexhibited work!

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Gena said...

I saw your work live and in person at the TBC. I was moved to tears and I am still considering selling my car to buy one of your amazing works!