Friday, August 29, 2008

Heading into Fall- Update

I'm due for an update! Over the summer I haven't posted anything, as my focus shifted to the various outdoor shows and commissions I had. I had a busy summer personally, as well. Now with fall coming I am looking toward the future of 'The Birth Project' and planning to continue it once I have a few commissions finished up. Jen, Annie and I are going to be submitting applications to galleries for a show in Toronto, and are taking September to do this. If all goes well, we'll have something booked by Christmas and each be able to continue working on what we love. I'll be looking for more material to paint, as well as continueing with some of the submissions I had but couldn't get to.

I had some prints done up for some women who submitted photos, and I regret that I didn't get these sent out over the summer. Except for 2, most are ready to be sent, I just need to get to the post office to get a shipping quote. I feel badly that I've been so tardy with this promise- but fall is the time to catch up!

Personally, I'd like to share that I'm 'in the family way' myself. We are expecting a surprise late February. Looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

Congratulation on the baby on the way. Good luck with the Toronto show. Keep in touch, Joanne C.

crystal driedger said...

I am stopping by to tell you how much I admire your paintings on birth. Such a beautiful collection of stories. I'm an illustrator and you inspire me. Thank you!