Friday, March 21, 2008

Birthing beliefs- II

I know- I'm sorry but I left my camera at my mom's! Tomorrow...

I am starting to list titles, and I'm also wondering about writing a short paper or artists statement to have at the opening, or perhaps a more formal post here. But I'm struggling with what to say. I feel people want to know why I'm painting birth, and while that's easy enough to answer, I also feel I should say something else- without being offensive, arguementative or even 'educational'- because I don't think that would be appropriate or even worthwhile in such a form. So, if you had to say-say, a paragraph's worth about birth, what would you say? What essential things do I want to say; to prospective mothers, to other women, to those in the medical field, to the general public? What to say to incite thought, encourage curiosity and emotion, but not to leave viewers discouraged or alienated? I must remember I'm not trying to change anyone's mind here- it's not an essay on the benefits of natural birth. I suppose my personal aims are to encourage people to believe that birth can be positive and great (but if it isn't it's not a failure), that they don't necessarily have to believe what they are told, and that self-education would go a long way in eradicating all the ridiculous myths that are still so prevalent. (I find myself wordless hearing about babies 'too big', unnecessary induction, epidurals that provide a better outcome, needed episiotomies, not enough milk, and 16 hour 'too long' labours). I guess this really is why I painted these. Because I just don't have all the words. Becuase there's so much more room when the viewer fills in the rest.
Oh ya, and I wanted to paint birth becuase I loved giving birth to my two babies. Loved it. I think about it every day. I want to do it again and again. I love birth, not just mine, and I loved being pregnant, and I love babies!

One more thing- as I have been doing these paintings, I've carefully considered the pallette I've used for each one. Often blues and greens and whites have been used, probably because of bedding and hospitals, but I've thought, 'these aren't the birth colours in my head'. But yet I don't have a true answer for this question, so I ask you, dear reader, 'what is/are the colour(s) of birth?'


Anonymous said...

The talk of Natural birth can spark so many emotions for those who have had them and many more for those who did not. Unless there was some medical necessity for a c-section, i have almost no sympathy for the sob stories of how their births turned south. You are resposible for your birth because its your body. All I can say is good luck. You even trying to touch the subject publicly is something I commend you for. Birth is such a beautiful thing. As for the color of birth, this is something we discussed in bradley classes years ago. I believe the color of birth is what is in your head when your close your eyes during a contraction. what ever image, memory or thought that gets you through that tough transition are the colors that will paint the palette. I will be thinking about you and wishing you good thoughts.

Old Gates Farm said...

it's great to read your thoughts.

i think of red... b/c both of my boys were birthed on our red couch! i think of that couch when i think of birth.